What is windsurfing? Tips for windsurfing

Windsurfing is a sport that arises from a variation of surfing. It is a sports activity that consists of moving on the water on a board that incorporates a sail. A characteristic of windsurfing boards is that they are very light and very easy to use.

What is windsurfing?

If you wonder what windsurfing is and how it arises, you should know that this sport was created by the great surfer Tom Blake who investigated a way to get to really good waves without getting too tired paddling with his hands. However, although Tom made his first attempts in a very basic way, it would not be until 30 years later that Naomí and Newman Darby invented the windsurf board.

If you want to practice this sport, you have to learn to command the waves and the wind, since they will be the two fundamental elements when it comes to windsurfing. To start getting your first results, you must learn basic windsurfing techniques.

Windsurfing is an activity that can be very spectacular when you learn to sail well because it allows you to do tricks with the sail at different speeds. It is a sport in which acrobatics is very involved.

Tips for windsurfing

If windsurfing attracts you and you want to start considering its practice, you should take into account some recommendations so that you get the most out of this activity and you can feel the freedom of sailing on your board.

  • The board and the sail

You can find them in different sizes depending on your body size and dimensions, as well as the variant of the sport you can practice. As a general rule, windsurfing boards measure 3 meters. All boards have a fin at the end at the back that serves to control the direction and provides stability.

  • Take the mast rail

Which is where we must support and keep the foot fixed, and it will help us find balance on the board. At the end of the rail, there is a foot pedal.

  • Wear suitable clothing

When it comes to windsurfing, you have to wear suitable clothing to feel comfortable or comfortable and safe. You should wear neoprene boots or shoes that give you a better grip on the board and protect your feet from any sharp object.

On the other hand, the wetsuit is also important because it provides warmth and protects the body. When choosing the suit, you should consider a suit that fully adjusts to your body but leaves you free to move. Thanks to the material with which the suit is made, hardly any water will enter your body.

  • Is windsurfing physically demanding?

Like golf, windsurfing does not need any special physical conditions. Of course, it is necessary to know how to swim, but this sport can also be practiced by children thanks to manufacturers’ equipment tailor-made for all ages. Any sport can always lead to injuries. However, windsurfing is not as dangerous as mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing or kitesurfing. As in other sports, windsurfers must warm-up and stretch all parts of the body before sailing.

  • What type of board to use?

There are four categories: Slalom, Course, Waves and Freestyle. Beginners should use high-volume boards with a centerboard and a small sail to have little effort. Ensure that the material you use is adequate. Starting with very heavy, small or excessively used material can lead you to abandon this discipline in the first attempts.

  • Don’t want to run before you walk

Many beginners want to go fast, jump, surf without even knowing how to turn or get back to the beach. Know your initial limitations and don’t exceed them. Also, listen carefully to the instructions of your teacher so that you progress step by step.

Be aware that there are more people in the water. Motorboats must give way to sailors. Company boats also have preferences. In the port, starboard has a preference. That is, those who sail with their right hand on the mast have preference. If you are considering practicing this sport, you should look for a good surf school that will help you control your technique well and advise you on the best board that you can buy for your initiation.

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