What is kitesurfing and how it is invented?

In the world of sport, there are many different modalities that attract the attention of athletes and fans, especially those who love the sea and waves. One of these sports is known by the name of kitesurfing, which is one of the most modern trends in sports practiced in the waters of the ocean. A combination of surfing and kites makes athletes experience thrills and adrenaline.

What is kitesurfing?

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing, is also known. It is a type of water sports adventure that combines elements and characteristics of the wakeboard, the surf, the snowboard, paragliding, and skate.

What does it consist of?

Kitesurfing is a type of water sport that consists of using a type of kite known by the name of the kite, which is attached to the person who practices the sport through a harness, making it possible for the sport surfboard to slide easily in Water. It is a sport quite similar to surfing and it is also classified as a type of extreme sport since those who practice it suffer an increase in adrenaline while doing it.

Choosing the weather conditions carefully is one of the main fundamentals of kitesurfing. As a beginner, try to choose conditions below 20 knots. You should never go out in deep-sea conditions. As for the location, it is best to go to a place where there are other kite to help you take off and land. Preferably a wide beach with enough space to land, which is free of people.

Unfold the kite. It must be placed face up and inflated. Keep the kite tied down to make sure it doesn’t fly once it has some air. If one hand is used to secure the kite, care must be taken while pumping as it is easy to break the pumps when done with one hand. Place the lines in front of the leading edge, locate the ends of your lines. Then they should be placed at the ends in the sand.

The four lines must be collected in the hands. The configuration should be right hand – the front line of the right hand, rear line of the right hand (right leg in the middle). Left hand – the front line of the left hand, the backline of the left hand (left leg in the middle).

Kitesurfing features

Among its main features are the following:

  • Although this type of sport includes surfing, it does not need waves since the wind is the only force necessary to propel yourself.
  • It is a type of adventure sport.
  • The table is used as a series of supports on the feet.
  • The athletes are attached to the parachute by means of a harness and cables.
  • It is practiced in places where there are good wind currents.
  • It is a sport that has also been adapted for people with special needs.
  • His practice includes a series of jumps and maneuvers in the air.


The origins of kitesurfing were in China during the 12th century, although Indonesia is also mentioned as a birthplace. In these places, it was customary to use different types of kites to be able to pull small boats. With the passage of time, the push system was improved in the early 19th century thanks to George Pocock, who patented a drag system using kites that made it possible to travel 90 degrees against the wind.

The systems were improving every day more. In 1977, Gijsbertus Adrianus Panhuise managed to invent what today is known as kitesurfing, a system by which the athlete could navigate the waters on a surfboard while he was also dragged by the parachute. From this moment on, the sport took more strength and popularity and today, it is practiced by thousands of professional and amateur athletes.


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