Types of Windsurfing Competitions

Windsurfing is one of the sports in fashion this summer, and for many years now. This sport consists of a windsurf board with a built-in sail with which we will slide across the surface of the water. At first, it may seem difficult, like all sports, but when you already have a little experience, you will be able to do jumps taking advantage of the best waves of the sea and the wind.

With the increase in the practice of this sport, the number of professionals also increases and with it the number of competitions. If you are looking to be a professional windsurfer and compete, you must first choose the modality. In this post, we bring you the 6 types of windsurfing competitions so that you can focus on the one you like the most.

The different variants of windsurfing competition

We present all the types of windsurfing competitions that exist.

Wave Windsurf Competition

The wave windsurfing discipline is a windsurfing competition that consists of surfing the waves and doing jumps. To perform these jumps, we will have the impulse of the wind, which, when hitting the sail, will make us propel ourselves.

It is a modality similar to surfing in which participants must perform stunts to get the highest possible score. You need light equipment to reach a higher altitude, with plenty of wind and waves of at least one meter.

Freestyle Windsurf Competition

Freestyle windsurfing is a very popular modality with many fans all over the world, as it is a very attractive type of competition thanks to its many acrobatics.

There are two types of freestyle competitions:

“Old school” style: This style consists of performing maneuvers with little wind.

“New school” style: This style is more modern and is practiced with small, less heavy and more manageable boards.

This modality is characterized by performing quick maneuvers while jumping.

Slalom Windsurf Competition

Slalom windsurfing is a test that needs a lot of wind since it consists of zigzagging between buoys with the wind through until you reach the finish line. These are usually mass races or one-on-one.

Windsurf Regatta Competition

In windsurfing, this type of test is carried out by means of a triangular course that is delimited by buoys that are placed in such a way that you go up to the wind “girdling” and then you go down in the stern or doing laps.

Indoor Windsurf Competition

Indoor windsurfing is a frenetic and very colorful competition. Since the 90s, this modality has been acquiring great importance in this world, being one of the most marketable. Within Indoor Windsurfing, there are different disciplines: slalom, regatta and Jump. The latter is the most impressive, as they perform great stunts that matter from other modalities.

Super X Windsurf Competition

Super X is a sport that was developed by the PWA in 2003 but was withdrawn in the 208-2009 season. This circuit consists of a downwind slalom in which you have to overcome large floating obstacles by jumping over them and doing stunts. These types of competitions are the most frenetic thanks to their speed and frenzy.

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