What windsurf board to buy?

Important factors to consider when buying a windsurf board.

When buying a windsurf board, you have to be very clear about the type of windsurfing you want to practice, this will depend on your level and the conditions in which you are going to sail.

There are different types of windsurf board, depending on the modality you are going to do.

Next, I will try to explain which types of tables best suit your needs.

In the learning phase, it would be good to have had a minimum of experience practicing windsurfing (having taken a course), otherwise, we recommend an initiation course to learn the basics.

In this phase, the type of table you need is an initiation table. It will be your first board, congratulations!

Initiation Table

Best windsurf board

The most important thing to consider when buying your first windsurf board is volume.

We recommend between 120l to 180l depending on your weight.

For example:

A person weighing less than 75kg would do well on a 120l to 150l board.

For people who weigh more than 75kg, you can look at something with more volume.

If you have difficulties knowing the volume you need, you can calculate it in an easy way: Each kg of your weight is a liter of volume, plus 50 or 90 liters depending on whether you are an agile person, in that case, you can choose a board with fewer liters so you have more travel since boards with a lot of volume in strong winds are uncomfortable.

Windsurfing, like most sports, has evolved and the material is much better than a year ago, it is advisable to take a board that is not very old since it will be easier for you to learn.

Freeride Board

When you have passed the initiation phase you will realize that you want to sail with stronger wind and be faster. You will be planning, you will already use the harness and you will be in love with this sport. You will be improving the gybe, the tack, the waterstart… It is time to choose a board that gives you new sensations that will take you to other levels in the world of windsurfing.

In this phase, we must take into account where we sail. A site with a very strong wind is not the same as a site with a weaker wind. In general, at this stage you will feel comfortable with a medium wind, so you will need more sail and decrease liters.

To get an idea of ​​​​the liters that we must choose, we will use the following formula: For each kg, 1l of volume, plus 15l or 60l (depending on the wind, our agility, and daring).

For example, a person of about 75kg can choose a 105l board, if he thinks he will normally use more sails he could choose a 115l board.

In case you sail in places with very little wind, you could choose a 135l, which at a given moment, will serve you for windfoil as long as the fin box is reinforced.

If you keep evolving, you will realize that not all boards are suitable for all conditions. It will be important to choose well and choose a new table.

If you like waves you can choose a wave board or freestyle wave or a FreeWave.

Wave Table, Freestyle Wave, Or Freewave

They are boards for stronger winds and radical conditions, jumps, surf… you need a board with fewer liters and in a way that is better suited to these types of conditions.

We will move on boards between 67l to 114l (depending on our weight and the intensity of the wind). We must also give importance to the width of the table, to simplify, we focus on the volume.

For these conditions, a freestyle wave or a FreeWave is good for us, but if we are in a wave spot and we want to surf, it is better to choose a pure wave board.

At this time, the subject of liters is very personal, surely you will have already acquired enough criteria to choose what can be better for you. In any case, it must be said that today these boards are multi-fin and can withstand a lot of wind. So ten liters more than your weight for intermediate winds is a good choice. For strong winds, you could go with a board of the same volume as your weight.

Freestyle Board

They are shorter and wider boards with more volume in the middle and back.

They are specific for freestyle.

It has a flat rocket which makes them glide very quickly and thanks to their new shapes they spin spectacularly well on themselves.

I personally find them hilarious.

Slalom Boards

If you want to go full throttle and have the motivation and ability to keep one of these boards past sail, then you need a Slalom board.

Slalom boards are designed for racing. The position of the footsteps is at the ends.

According to the speed of the wind, we will choose the volume. In this type of board, you have to give a lot of importance to the width (beam). If you are a radical fan and you do slalom championships, you may have up to three boards.

Foil Table

The foil is breaking in strong. It is a very new modality and the models change very quickly.

The trend in specific foil boards is wide and short, we can also take a free ride, free move, or slalom board and use it as a foil as long as the fin box is reinforced.

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