Nine windsurfing tips to get started

Windsurfing is one of the most deeply rooted nautical disciplines in Spain and, despite the different federative movements against it, it is still alive after more than 30 years in the Olympic Games (Class RS: X).

Now that the good weather is here, there are many fans who are starting out in this discipline. Next, and from the hand of the Valencian company Ocean Republik, we will tell you a series of Windsurfing tips for the practice of this sport.

Where Can You Practice In Spain?

windsurfing tips for beginners

Already in the Peninsula, Tarifa is another of the meccas to practice this sport along with areas such as Almería or the Costa Brava. But those who want to start this sport can take their first steps in areas such as Mallorca, Valencia or Murcia. Despite the spectacular images from professional competitions and championships, windsurfing can be done in any coastal area with light, moderate or strong breezes. In addition, the light winds for a beginner is ideal as it will allow you to practice all kinds of maneuvers.

What Is The Best Time?

First of all, it is recommended to consult the navigation schools or the companies in the sector settled in each area of ​​Spain to find out the best schedules. It is usually recommended to windsurf in the morning or at midday as the wind conditions are more constant. It is important at first to avoid offshore winds (from land to sea) because they can push you too far from shore. You don’t have to fear the sea, you have to respect it but without fear. Fear is always a bad companion in this type of nautical sport.

What Time Of Year Is Ideal For Windsurfing?

It can be done all year round. In fact, it is common to use and rent different types of wetsuits to be able to practice windsurfing when the weather is not good. Even so, it is true that the activity is more attractive from the Easter season until the end of the summer.

Technique, Key Factor

Windsurfing is a sport that can be practiced by both men and women. It is a sports practice where the more technical condition is needed than physical strength, although it is also necessary. In fact, in the last Olympic Games in London, the Sevillian Marina Alabau won the gold medal. And Blanche Manchón has also been proclaimed Best Sailor of the Year 2010 by the ISAF. In the men’s category, Iván Pastor from Alicante will be eligible for a medal at the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Is Windsurfing Physically Demanding?

Of course, it is necessary to know how to swim, but this sport can also be practiced by children. Thanks to the equipment that manufacturers make tailor-made for all ages. Any sport can always lead to injuries. As in other sports, windsurfers should warm up and stretch all parts of the body before sailing.

Is It Expensive To Windsurf?

The best windsurfing tips for those who want to know about this sport is to rent the equipment. And attend classes regulated by professionals. So later on, they can decide to buy a team that can involve between 800 and 1,500 euros of investment.

Patience And Wind

For those who are not used to the practice of sports where the wind plays a key factor. They must be patient and at the beginning, it costs a little. There are days that the weather will not accompany you to enjoy the wind and waves. Try to start on good weather days with light winds and calm seas.

What Type Of Tables To Use?

It is recommended that beginners use large volume boards, with centerboard and small sail to have little effort. Make sure that the material you use is adequate, starting with very heavy, small. Or excessively used material can lead you to abandon this discipline in the first attempts.

Navigation Preferences

Motorboats must give way to sailors, company boats also have preference. In port, starboard has a preference, that is, those who sail with their right hand on the mast have preference.

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