Basic Idea of Cyclocross Bike Race

This is a common question cyclocross what is it? What should I do it? And how do I get here? Cyclocross is one of the older forms of cycling.

Definitely, pre-dating any mountain biking, BMX, any of those cool sports cyclocross was invented by roadies who due to winter and being too cool decided let’s race through the mud.

Basic Things of Cyclocross

So, they left the roads, went through the Paddocks over hedges through streams, and just got awesome.

Why should you do it? Well, why wouldn’t you? Because like across this is a winter sport. It’s not a heck of a lot of things.

Now here we are going to answer a popular question what is cyclocross and we have discussed its detail.

So, you can come along on a Sunday morning, beat yourself against the wall for an hour and have a few drinks, have a good time. Feel like you’ve done something with your weekend.

What can you ride? And who’s a for and you can ride almost anything. Obviously, a real cross bike is very specific and we’ll show you why and what one is short, but any good club and one to ten and this is the way.

If you turn up on a mountain bike, he turned up on a road bike. Even if you have a road bike and you’ve fitted some commuting.

It’s just, everything’s good, and now who can ride literally anyone six-year-old to sixty years old. One of our best club members isn’t as the eighties rides all three races in a day.

I’d like to see some young folks do that. Let’s show you around what we love about the cross and what you may face If you come along to a day.

Cyclocross Bike Type

So, what is the type of cyclocross bike? Well in a sense a cyclocross bike looks like a road bike, both some subtle differences.

So, you’ve got nice big clearances in the fork to allow for effect. As well as down here at the bottom bracket and after the seat stays, you want to choose generally, we’ve been more compelled to make it a wee bit nimbler for most cross bikes.

These days are going to a one-bite chainring with a clutch just to minimize dropping those chains and all the real high-end bikes, hydraulic disc brakes.

So, to recap you need a modified road bike it’s better If you’re looking for one bite to do them. Cross bike is a good option because you can put slicks on it right down the road.

But alternatively, a gravel bike probably ticks those boxes just like a road and gravel bike. Cyclocross is primarily an off-road sport.

It’s come about from winter conditions being too poor to ride the road. So, you leave the roads, you go across the fields. We’re in a field are an excellent starting point for any cross race.

When you get your look around you to see what amazing, awesome technical, horrible features you can find up to a point, the more horrible, the better who’s up and down and single-track jumps rocks. Not really rocks, but definitely sand and definitely grass also muddy.

Great hills are so good and hills are the great equalizer or the great separator and you know, how to fit you are your guys at the club that will ride up these hills and there is you need to concern about cycling injury.

It’s a push, not even running, it’s pushing so as well as running uphill, we also like going down.

There is a question who was into corners is really great because if it’s muddy people, Dan, who is Vigo super-fast, like this nice long hill here, I’m really good too.

Especially if you come charging down here enough, you can actually jump off this into the sink tray. He’s super sweet than at the bottom.

Now, this may look like a regular bag and you think what are we going to do on that? But with a wee bit of cross creativity, you turn it into a super steady and that was taking advantage of natural features, which we love.

When we can’t find a natural feature to match people up. We put in some barriers, barriers like this can be negotiated two ways. You can either hop them and you can run them

Running is a nearly foolproof way of getting over the barriers and ensuring you get around to the next lap safely.

Good Start for Cyclocross

Now we’re going over a proper cyclocross start a fast and furious cyclocross start and it’s an important skill to practice before you get into a race.

As a quick tip, when you’re out on your bike, think of each red light or stop sign that you come to, and training as a great way to practice starts for a second.

One of the most important things you can do for a good start is to stay relaxed. There’s going to be tons of stuff going on around you. So, it’s important to focus this on just having a good start and on yourself.

Next, you want to have a nice 20-to-30-minute warmup and you want to check out the course, potentially watch a race before you see if there are any bottlenecks, potholes ice oil slicks anything that could take you off your start game.

Next, you want to roll up to the start then nice light gear and you want to make sure that your cranks read three and nine o’clock.

I like to turn my pedal body so that it’s nice and flat so I can step right on the pedal when the gun goes off.

Lastly, you want to decide if you’re going to stand next to the bike to start or you going to sit on this out. I prefer to sit and then I wait patiently for the run.

So that’s cyclocross starts and I always like to say that you won’t win a cyclocross race at the start, but you can definitely lose one so practice up.

So, wherever you are, you don’t have to it and did you want to come sees us here at Southern cross Canterbury?


Starting in may get on down and so thanks for reading our article. Hopefully, this has explained a bit better, what cyclocross is, why you should do it, and what you’re missing out on and we hope that you don’t turn up.

This article we trying to give you a proper idea and knowledge of Cyclocross race and if you want to learn more you can visit OutdoorXsports for gathering more information.

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