The 5 best high-end football boots of 2022

As we know that you want to play football, here we bring you the 5 best high-end boots to start the season wearing one of these spectacular models. As football fans, we are players for years. We will give you details of each of these football boots.

In our course, the Manuel Díaz Vega, and many other competitors have artificial turf pitches, we focus especially on the right boots for this type of surface. Before we start, let’s go with the basics;

What are the best football boots for artificial grass?

The best boot for artificial turf, like the Manuel Díaz Vega, is the one with many studs, since the quantity favors stability. The tacos should have little pronunciation and a round shape. In addition, it helps take care of the joints of the lower extremities and has better traction for turns.

What are the benefits of buying a good high-end football boot and not the rest?

Any of the following boots that we analyze have different characteristics for different types of players, so it is important what you are looking for in your new football boots. We are going to help you choose  and give you some details that can help you make the smartest decision;

Speed: If what you are looking for is a boot that allows you to exploit your speed, you need a light boot. Without elements that add weight, this harms you in your game.

Touch: If you are one of those who are looking for a good sensation with the ball, you need boots that are made of leather so that you have all the sensations in the movements and hits.

Traction: For the toughest defenders and the liveliest strikers. You need a boot with good traction, which gives you that extra second on the divided ball and that is achieved with a boot that has a good arrangement of studs and a mix of conical and transverse

Comfort: This section is for everyone, since the football boots that we analyze, being high-end, have excellent comfort and a sliding insole, something that offers no low/medium range and that is very important for the health of our feet.

How to wear football boots

Soccer is probably the most loved sport in the world. The football circus moves hundreds of billions of euros. There are players who earn figures that many of us would not even know how to write.

Champions often lend their likeness to this or that football boot manufacturer, further increasing their bank balance. But soccer is also what is played on suburban fields where grass does not grow, where the game is not driven by money but by passion. While you wait for a technical sponsor to cover you in gold to put on some high-end football boots, he reads the following.

Nike Phantom Venom Elite – Hyper-Reactive 2.0

Best football boots

This is a boot that is designed to be attack-oriented. The Precision PWR Strike Zone is essentially a series of raised grooves along the kicking area of ​​the cue (striking zone). Although it does not improve the accuracy of the kick, it does increase the power level of the kick.

The laces are above the built-in tongue and are designed for customization when it comes to how you want the boot to fit throughout a match.

Nike has gone with a series of blade-shaped cleats. And while they look like they could easily catch on natural grass, they play pretty well and don’t snag.

The hyper-responsive 2.0 outsole is stiff enough to provide comfort and stability without being too stiff.

Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 FG – Absolute control

The Adidas Predator 20.1 are the football boots favored by elite footballers. These “shoes” have a wide toe box and a medium to narrow metatarsal area, in short, ideal for a perfect fit for the foot

The upper front part, which is the instep, has small rubber spikes. This new invention is amazing. Although it may not seem like it, they will give us more shots and control of the ball. In touch, it is spectacular and can be noticed with each hit. Truly, a jewel for your feet. You just have to try them to believe it.

The split sole and studs are made of very hard plastic. For some, it might feel too hard on the foot, which is why I put a Boost insert in the Predator, which gave me added comfort and stability.

A wide and agile-cut soccer shoe that we recommend for natural grass. For artificial turf (AG), the shoe is available here. Otherwise, click the button below.

Adidas World Cup – The usual boot

It would not be a good top of the best soccer boots without being in it, the best-selling boot (for us the best) in the history of soccer, the Adidas Copa Mundial.

It is not just another boot in the Adidas catalog, it is the Adidas boot, it has been its flagship for years, and it does not surprise us at all. This football boot is the most comfortable on the market (and we say it with justification since we have enjoyed it in our time as players).

They are made with kangaroo leather which gives flexibility and comfort much better than any model. It also has an internal EVA insole that gives us the feeling that our feet rest on cotton.

This boot is for real football fans, those who avoid flashy colors and want a real boot. A boot that is pure comfort from the first training session. Its durability is so wide that you will need two lives to wear it out since it also has a PU sole that ensures maximum durability and some FG rubber studs that give the perfect finish to this wonder. Having the World Cup at your feet means that before entering the field, you already make a difference.

Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 AG  – The most flexible

With the Nemeziz 19.1 model, Adidas has succeeded in developing a wide soccer shoe that not only provides sufficient stability but also offers a lot of comforts.

A really nice feeling when I put on the Nemeziz 19.1 for the first time. Since the collar is knitted, it gives a little at the ankles so you have the perfect fit.

The upper material is inspired by athletic tape. As you run you can literally feel the stability and flexibility. I have a tendency to sprain my ankle, but I don’t get the feeling in the wide Nemziz football boots.

As with the latest Nike Mercurial models, the sole of the Nemeziz 19.1 is split into the forefoot and rearfoot. This makes you much more responsive during sprinting or when changing direction quickly.

The wide toe box and elastic lacing system are ideal for my wide forefoot and metatarsal.

The stud profile is a mix of flat, tapered, and oval studs that feel great on the course. This gives you excellent traction, regardless of whether you want to play on natural or artificial grass pitches.

Puma Future 5.3 Netfit FG / AG – Futuristic Design

If during a football game you want to stand out for your footwear. Surely with this model, you will not go unnoticed by anyone. The Future 5.3 Netfit Fg / AG boots from Puma have a very striking and captivating futuristic design.

The company offers the model on the market in different colors, so you can choose the one you like best. It is made with Puma’s innovative LQD CELL technology, which makes the silhouette of the boot unique. This is characterized by a particular shape of the midsole. This offers stable cushioning, so as not to traumatize the foot too much during the game. Something that is appreciated in the final minutes of each match.

The boots are designed with a high-tech look with incredible functionality, to improve sports performance on the field and not fear the rivals. However, it is not a suitable model for everyone and some users may not find it very comfortable. The quality/price ratio is very good and the cost is advantageous and affordable.

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