World bicycle day: 19 reasons to celebrate

June 3 (previously, it was April 19), World Bicycle Day, is coming up. It would seem like a normal day for many, but for those who start to move by bike or have already been pedaling for a few years, here we leave you 19 reasons to celebrate cycling 365 days a year.

1. Increase the power of your brain

Pedaling improves your cardiorespiratory fitness. A good flow of blood and oxygen promotes the generation of neurons in the hippocampus, the region of the brain responsible for memory. Continue reading: Womens bikes size guide

World bicycle day

2. Improve the quality of your sleep

It’s no surprise that pedaling is always good for stress relief. However, riding during the day also helps to synchronize your biological rhythm and lower your cholesterol levels. Both are important for achieving deep and regenerative sleep. Keep reading

3. Improve your digestion

Another benefit of riding a bike is that physical activity reduces the time it takes for food to travel through the large intestine. In addition, a quick step prevents your body from absorbing too many fluids, so your stool will have an optimal consistency for evacuation.

4. Prevents diseases

A little exercise is enough to activate your immune cells. Active cells are always ready to fight disease.

5. Increase sales levels in local stores

According to studies conducted in Germany, a customer who can reach a business by bicycle or on foot is more likely to become a repeat customer. Also, one of the best ways to attract new customers is by sight. The speed of a cyclist makes the sideboards and offers more visible.

6. Promotes investment and creation of new businesses

The more cyclists and pedestrians frequent a commercial area, the higher the sales. Logically, this situation makes investment more attractive and increases the capital gain of businesses in the area.

7. Increase in capital gains on private property

Who doesn’t prefer to live in a quiet community, where you can go shopping, school, and even work by bike? A community where you can cycle easily is a more attractive to live in. Remember that each bike that circulates in the city represents one less car.

8. Help your personal finances

Unlike the car, taxis or public transport, moving by bicycle is much more economical and sustainable. Forget about gasoline, expensive maintenance and high passages with very bad service. Get around by bike and enjoy the ride, even on rainy days.

9. It reconnects you with your community

When you move by bicycle, you not only know your surroundings better. More so, you become sensitized and interact with people that you would not otherwise. This is impossible when you travel in a car encased in your metal bubble.

10. The bicycle does not discriminate

The bike is for everyone. While only 10% of the world’s population has access to a car, it is estimated that 80% could have access to a bicycle. The bicycle gives you independence and works as a tool to promote social justice.

11. Build safer communities

The more bicycles the streets will be safer. Real cases in different cities have shown that the more cyclists use the roads, the more motorists are aware.

12. Family integration

A good family ride is a very good activity to practice as a family. In addition to physical activity and coexistence, it strengthens l to self-esteem, promotes sustainability, and creates a sense of community for children and adults.

13. Increase the efficiency of roads

One of the objectives of the streets and avenues is to move people, goods and raw materials from one point to another. If we take into account the space that a car occupies on the road and that most of these cars carry only one passenger, we will realize that the space is being used rather than to move a body. On the other hand, the bicycle is a means of personal transport that takes up very little space, making people more efficient.

14. Less deterioration of roads

The tread wear caused by a bicycle is practically zero compared to that caused by the most compact cars. The more bikes and fewer cars, the savings in pothole maintenance could be used in education or health, for example.

15. Enjoy a door to door service

The bike takes you from your house to your desk (if you have a folding one). If you move by public transport, you have to walk from your house to the nearest station and then to your final destination. If you move by car, you need a lot of luck to find parking in front of the door of your final destination.

16. Doesn’t need much space

Bicycles do not need a lot of space to circulate or park. Can you imagine a city with more bikes? Instead of building new avenues, bridges and large parking lots, this space could be used for citizens and build a park, a museum or an urban garden.

17. Frees you from fossil fuels

The vast majority of the world’s cities are tied to fossil fuels. Gasoline prices are constantly rising and there is no other way but to hold on. With the bicycle, you forget about this! Your only stop at the gas station will be to put air in your tires.

18. You contribute to reducing emissions

If every day you go to work by bicycle, a round trip of 20 km, you would be saving 1,500 kg of greenhouse gases in a year.

19. Reduction of vehicular congestion

If there is something superfluous in big cities, it is cars. In peak hours, congestion is the cause of an increase in the concentration of emissions in areas with vehicle loads. The bike does not pollute and does not take up much space. Is it not worth getting around by bike a little bit?

Well, here are 19 of the many reasons that exist to get on the bike. Why don’t you tell us the reasons why you enjoy riding your bike? Leave us your comments and share the post if you think that any of your acquaintances need some motivation to save the car.

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