Useful tips to improve your Tennis

Useful tips to improve your tennis by Professor Hugo Borra The idea of ​​​​this space is to provide you with some practical details, generally very simple but no less efficient for that. Some are so obvious that even an experienced player forgets to take them into account when competing… We divide them into 3 large groups:

Prepare Your Shots Well In Advance

Improve your tennis

This will give you the necessary peace of mind to decide direction, spin, height, depth, etc.; that is, the type of blow you are going to perform. In addition, you will be in better conditions to resolve last-minute problems such as a bad ball hit. It is very difficult to find yourself with the ball. And you need to do everything when you can arrive having already armed your blow (backswing). The anticipation in the assembly of your base strokes is one of the most important secrets to not feeling invaded by the ball. As soon as your mind tells you which way the ball is coming. The immediate turn of your shoulders and the rim of the racket will make you feel like you always have plenty of time to execute any shot from the back of the court.

Read Your Opponent’s Shot

Obsessively pay attention to your opponent’s racket-ball contact. Also, pay attention to his body language every time he takes a shot. Little by little you will discover the force, height, depth, effect, direction, angle, and intention with which that ball will come. This will make you “in the zone” ahead of time. And you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you will not be forced to your execution.

Stay In Motion When The Opponent Hits

That way you will have the best physical attitude to be able to start any type of delivery. Every time the opponent makes contact with the ball. You should take a small jump, and from this position (on your toes). It will be easier to start a counterfeit. Separate yourself from a ball that presses you, or go for a drop shot.

Learn To Run Backwards, To Go Backwards

It is the most difficult thing in tennis. Although the court is longer than it is wide, it runs more wide than long. The backward shift is much more difficult to perform and also less practiced. It is important that after each kick, you are able to transfer your body weight forward again when striking. Perhaps this is the reason that generates the greatest difficulties; I am referring to the double displacement process that the player must comply with when moving away a little further than necessary, to return to the ball at the moment of impact.

Play A Long Rally When You Start Playing

Do your warm-up before a match. By stretching more than usual and hitting shots with height and greater length, you will be better prepared in less time to compete. It is easier to adjust from plus to minus than vice versa. Naturally, your arm “shrinks” as soon as you start playing for points. For this reason, this is a good time to try to release tension, while you are “acquiring climate”, taking “the measure” of your blows, while increasing the temperature of your body.

When You Go, Bowling,

It is advisable that you get used to using the continental grip(intermediate between eastern forehand and backhand). Although it may be uncomfortable at first, then it will be very beneficial, since with this racket grip you will be able to hit any shot (forehand, backhand, smash, touches, etc.), which is very important since in this instance there is no time to change grips.

In The Service Return

You must “find” your best position, according to your skills and the type of service of your opponent. It is possible that for one type of service it is convenient to “get into” the court (come forward) to block (not set the shot), and for other services, to go back and execute normally. You must also be attentive to the changes that are happening throughout a match, since as the game progresses, to 1st. serve that at the beginning did not give you time, can give it to you in a 3rd. set or after 2 hours of play. “Searching” for the return that suits you best for each moment of the match is essential.

When Returning The 2dos

Serves, you also have options regarding your position, and with respect to it, the type of shot to execute. In the case of “over” the bite of the ball, you will be able to slice it down and use that same impact as an approach to try to bowl your next shot. You can also execute in this same way, in order not to let the ball rise too high (especially in cases where you are kicked out), even if after impacting you do not go up to the net. Another possibility is to wait for the ball to lose height (going backward), and execute normally.

To Execute A Good Slice Backhand

It is important not to try to cut the ball too much .. It is very common, that when learning it, one exaggerates the open angle of the racket, or what is worse, excessively pronounces the movement from top to bottom, raising the racket rim too much in the preparation of the blow. Once the correct grip is defined, the best advice is to give the movement a sense of advance and impact against the ball, placing the rim of the racket behind it, to prevent exaggerated downward movement, thus achieving way, that the ball advances more when it bites, sliding forward, with little height and depth, instead of having gone “hyper cut”. Opening both arms at the end of the blow will give you greater ease while achieving a better balance.

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