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HWA - Rules



Windsurfing Slalom and Long Distance RULES


The Hi-Winds Competition will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020. These include Appendix B (windsurfing competition rules), the Notice of Races and this Sailing instructions. The attention of the competitors shall be drawn to all important announcements, such as changes to Sailing Instructions, by displaying the code flag “L” ashore, accompanied by such a sound signal. This flag must be displayed for at least one hour. Oral instructions can also be given from the starting vessel. All official announcements shall be posted in writing on the Official Notice Board (ONB).


2.1 The Low Point scoring system of Appendix A will apply. Each Board’s series score will be the total of his/her race with his/her worst score discarded after three (3) races completed or two (2) worst scores after eight (8) races completed.
2.2 Racing: the disciplines Downwind Slalom and Long Distance are scored separately.


3.1 The racing area(s) and the courses will be as illustrated on the ONB. The course diagram, start and finish, (not to scale) will be posted on the ONB. At least 45 minutes before the first start of the morning or afternoon session.
3.2 The starting line will be indicated by an orange flag on the starting vessel and an orange buoy downwind on this vessel. The finish line will be indicated by a blue flag on the committee boat and a yellow buoy downwind on this vessel. All other marker used in the course will be orange.
3.3. Competitors not racing shall not sail in the competition area (including the pre-start area) while heats are being sailed.
3.4. Sailing in the competition area (including the pre-start area) when not competing (violation of rule 3.3) will result in disqualification of his/her next race.


4.1 Unless otherwise described on the ONB, the signals for starts shall be made by intervals, and shall be as follows:
4 minutes before start heat number displayed;
3 minutes before start red flag up;
1 minute before start red flag down and yellow flag up;
30 seconds before start yellow flag down;
START: green flag up (1 minute before next heat: red flag).

4.2 Recalls Any sailor shall have to accept recall circumstances, even though some may have started correctly. Following a recall and exactly one minute after the recall flag “First Substitute” has been lowered, a new warning signal (three minutes red flag) shall be given.
4.2.1 Downwind Slalom On all other downwind races when 30 seconds prior to start, one or more competitors’ board, rig or body is on the course side of the starting line, the race committee shall, as soon as reasonably possible, give a general recall by displaying code flag “First Substitute.” The identified competitor(s) will be hailed or listed on a board at the starting vessel and must leave the course area immediately.
4.2.2 Long Distance There will be no individual or general recalls. Disqualifications for the Long Distance discipline shall be announced at the ONB.


5.1 For their own safety, sailors who abandon or retire from a race must inform the race committee on start or finish line right away when leaving the course area.
5.2 Exceptions are cases when retiring before going on the water or when picked up by one of the rescue boats In this cases a member the race committee in the regatta office must be informed as soon reasonable possible.
5.3 For Long Distance races there will be a Sign-on and Sign-off sheet available on a desk under the tent before and after each race. Signing this paper is mandatory to participate in a Long Distance race 5.3 Failing to inform the race committee as mentioned under rule 5.1, rule 5.2 and rule 5.3 of this Sailing Instructions, will result in disqualification for all races sailed during that day.


6.1. Races will be held in a full fleet format. Classes will be divided in heats. Depending on the amount of sailors in a class, classes may sail together in the same heat.
6.2. Men and women may race together.
6.3. It is the intention that competitors in slalom races may race 3 to 6 heats each part of the day (am & pm). Depending on class, course length, weather conditions, the Principal Race Officer determines the final amount of races on the water.
6.4. The minimum wind limit for downwind slalom will be 12 knots 6.5. Racing shall take place in suitable conditions.


7.1 The Schedule of Races (Attachment A) will be published on the Official Notice Board and is part of this Sailing Instructions.
7.2 Due to weather conditions or other circumstances the Schedule of Races may be altered by the Race committee. Changes in the schedule will be published at least 1 hour before the first possible start on the day it becomes effective.
7.3 First possible start of the event will not be given before 10:30 on Wednesday July 5th.
7.4 Last possible start of the event will not be given after 13:00 on Monday July 10th, on the last day of the event, in case it will be necessary to catch up postpones races.
7.5 Races on Monday (reserve day) will only be held for classes under the following circumstances: a) When due to weather conditions or other circumstances the total amount of races sailed in that class is 8 or less at that point b) or when there is an equal amount of point In scoring between the first 5 competitors in that class after discard.


8.1 To display clearly readable sail numbers on each sail and on each side of the sail, preferably in large black letters and numbers. Racing without numbers or without readable numbers on the sail(s) will result in not being scored as finished. Changes in sail numbers should be announced to the race officials; if not, this will result in not being scored as finished.
8.2 While racing, competitors shall, for the duration of the event, wear the event jersey provided by the organization. If competitor’s jersey is lost or stolen, competitor must acquire a new one at retail cost.


Competitors are allowed to change boards or sails in between the heats. But it is their own responsibility to be back at the starting line in time before their next heat. The race committee will not hold heats waiting for competitors.


There will be no possibility to file protests. Any conflicts between competitors arisen during the competition should be submitted in written to the Principal Race Officer and will be settled by his decision.

11. Disclaimers

The Aruba Hi-Winds and any other party involved in the organization and conduct of the Aruba Hi-Winds disclaims any liability for personal injury, personal or material damage whatsoever, sustained prior to, during or after the Aruba Hi-Winds. Your entry in the Aruba Hi-Winds will constitute a declaration of acceptance of all disclaimers made by the Aruba Hi-Winds.